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Films and Poetry at Turning Point Shelter

Posted On Jan 4 2018 by

Poetry Activism: Changing the World in Your Head

Posted On Dec 5 2017 by

Many authors say they write because they have to. I often look to writing as a form of activism – poetry activism – and more specifically for me, I agree with what Philip Schultz writes in “Lines to a Jewish Cossack”: “we write to undo the wrong we cannot alter in our lives” While this is not the only propulsion I have to write, I do resonate with this impulse. When I write, sometimes I have the selfish, narcissitic, or childish idea that I can figure out a historical anomaly of horrific proprortions, or that I might fix it. Maybe I want …

Retreat for Artists and Writers

Posted On Nov 21 2017 by
final day of workshops

A Multi-Disciplinary Retreat in the Desert The Joshua Tree Experiential Arts & Writing Retreat unfolded like a contact dance. It just ended this Sunday around 3pm, and driving home into the pink sunset there was a lot to absorb. The workshop series/retreat grew from a dream I had to do a writing retreat in the desert around a campfire. Sean Negus helped me manifest and shape this dream into something real, and he challenged me to ground my reckless desire in research. We wanted the retreat to be interdisciplinary since we both feel nourished by our friendships with musicians, visual artists, …

LA Lit Crawl Recap

Posted On Nov 1 2017 by

Here are some exuberant(ly blurred) photos from my first time participating in Lit Crawl LA! I heard poems with knives in them, poems about the end of the world (ahhh!), about love, motherhood, naked Nina Simone, and saw fun illustrated zines with shoes kittens and selfies in them… and all the while the audience shook rattles and tambourines! What an honor to read with these folks. Thanks for coming out, and thank you to Heidi Basch-Harod, Friday Gretchen, Jen Hitchcock, Rose Tully, Diana Salier, and Emily Clark for your lovely readings!

Siel Ju and an Act of Kindness!

Posted On Sep 15 2017 by

Recently I reached out to LA Author Siel Ju to see if she might help me spread the word about the arts and writing retreat poet Sean Negus and I are hosting November 17-19 in Joshua Tree. She agreed to help me by hosting a free ticket giveaway, and you can check out her post here!   Siel Ju is a Korean American writer who grew up in Kenya and now lives in Los Angeles.  She is author of Cake Time and two poetry chapbooks: Feelings Are Chemicals in Transit and Might Club. Her stories and poems have appeared in ZYZZYVA, The …

The Year 2017 – Things Coming Together

Posted On Aug 4 2017 by

This has been a big year for me! Many things I had always dreamed of manifested or began to. I had a baby, taught a creative writing workshop in a homeless shelter, made my first chapbook, worked on grant applications, and made a video poem! When I became pregnant, I quit my adjuncting job in the middle of the semester. This was a scary thing to do as I had always wanted to be a teacher. However, quitting in the middle of the semester allowed me some time to consider other options. I volunteered with Women’s Voices Now writing curriculum …

Interview from 2012

Posted On Jan 8 2017 by

Here’s a link to an interview I did while living in SF. My classmate, fellow author Miya Reekers, conducted it. That was quite a time, living in SF. There were poetry readings everywhere, coming out the gutters, even! A Portrait of Three Lower Haight Artists

The Feminist Spirit of the 70’s – An Interview

Posted On Oct 10 2016 by

It is one day before Yom Kippur, and an interview I conducted with my feminist poet pal, Shelley Savren, is up on The WVoice: “The Feminist Spirit of the 70s”. Although I have transcribed many hours of audio tape (the ramblings of self-declared genius Manfred Clynes as well as various luthiers for a project that has been perhaps permanently postponed), this is the first interview I have had published, and it feels tremendous! It takes a lot of work to shape an interview for the masses. I drove about an hour North to Ventura and recorded almost two hours of interview. …