Siel Ju and an Act of Kindness!

Posted On Sep 15 2017 by

Recently I reached out to LA Author Siel Ju to see if she might help me spread the word about the arts and writing retreat poet Sean Negus and I are hosting November 17-19 in Joshua Tree. She agreed to help me by hosting a free ticket giveaway, and you can check out her post here!   Siel Ju is a Korean American writer who grew up in Kenya and now lives in Los Angeles.  She is author of Cake Time and two poetry chapbooks: Feelings Are Chemicals in Transit and Might Club. Her stories and poems have appeared in ZYZZYVA, The …

The Year 2017 – Things Coming Together

Posted On Aug 4 2017 by

This has been a big year for me! Many things I had always dreamed of manifested or began to. I had a baby, taught a creative writing workshop in a homeless shelter, made my first chapbook, worked on grant applications, and made a video poem! When I became pregnant, I quit my adjuncting job in the middle of the semester. This was a scary thing to do as I had always wanted to be a teacher. However, quitting in the middle of the semester allowed me some time to consider other options. I volunteered with Women’s Voices Now writing curriculum …

Interview from 2012

Posted On Jan 8 2017 by

Here’s a link to an interview I did while living in SF. My classmate, fellow author Miya Reekers, conducted it. That was quite a time, living in SF. There were poetry readings everywhere, coming out the gutters, even! A Portrait of Three Lower Haight Artists

The Feminist Spirit of the 70’s – An Interview

Posted On Oct 10 2016 by

It is one day before Yom Kippur, and an interview I conducted with my feminist poet pal, Shelley Savren, is up on The WVoice: “The Feminist Spirit of the 70s”. Although I have transcribed many hours of audio tape (the ramblings of self-declared genius Manfred Clynes as well as various luthiers for a project that has been perhaps permanently postponed), this is the first interview I have had published, and it feels tremendous! It takes a lot of work to shape an interview for the masses. I drove about an hour North to Ventura and recorded almost two hours of interview. …