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poetry reading by ariel fintushel conejo valley poet

Poetry that is not published is also real poetry. You can be a professional poet without publishing a morsel of it, in my opinion. I do not generally feel great waves of success or accomplishment when a poem(s) of mine is published.

What is far more pleasing to me is to read my poetry out loud, live, to an audience and also to collaborate with other artists in making something together. However, I do see publishing as a means to taking part in more collaborations. Getting “your name” “out there” helps you meet people and helps people meet you.

Also, sometimes people do not believe that you are a “real artist” unless you publish your work. Opportunities I would enjoy are more available to me the more I publish; I wish it was not so exclusive, but it is.

Therefore, I do seek to publish a few new poems every year. And I will say, I do enjoy being published even though it is not my primary concern. And, I love corresponding with the amazing editors of the lovely publications I am so honored to be included in. In closing, I am grateful to be published, but I could survive without it, but not without creative friendships.

Here are some poems of mine that you can read online

Here are some semi-embarrassing videos of me performing my poems!

poetry poster conejo valley reading series
This is the poster for a reading series I’d like to start someday!

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