Siel Ju and an Act of Kindness!

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Recently I reached out to LA Author Siel Ju to see if she might help me spread the word about the arts and writing retreat poet Sean Negus and I are hosting November 17-19 in Joshua Tree. She agreed to help me by hosting a free ticket giveaway, and you can check out her post here!


Siel Ju is a Korean American writer who grew up in Kenya and now lives in Los Angeles.  She is author of Cake Time and two poetry chapbooks: Feelings Are Chemicals in Transit and Might Club. Her stories and poems have appeared in ZYZZYVA, The Missouri Review (Poem of the Week), The Los Angeles Review, and Denver Quarterly, among others. She holds a PhD in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Southern California and is the editor of Flash Flash Click, a weekly email lit zine for fast fiction.


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You can check out some of Siel Ju’s poetry (with synth music in the background!) here – MadHattersReview and also an excerpt from Feelings are Chemicals in Transit from The Missouri Review.


I feel so lucky to have found Siel among all the authors in LA, and that she was so kind in helping me in my mission to host a retreat and thereby broaden my community of artists and writers. Beyond that, I feel so lucky to have encountered her work when I did. In closing, a few lines excerpted from her poem, “Sunk Coasts” in Volta –

“…Rap broke
free from the tyranny of syncopation.
The best lines were redacted… Every mind
was the spondee of my mind…”

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